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Should Gas Furnace Service Include Summer and Spring Tune-Ups?

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A gas furnace is also known as the counterpart of the air conditioner, which keeps the house warm during the chilly nights of winter, so it must work perfectly. If you hire a heating and air conditioning repair company that provides spring and summer tune-ups for your gas furnace, this can happen.

Heating and Air Conditioning Repair Companies Giving Summer and Spring Tune-Ups

An important question that clients ask is whether the repair companies provide a tune-up facility for gas furnaces during summer and spring. Although almost all companies offer this service, it is necessary to search for those providing it before hiring.

Why Should Summer and Spring Tune-Up be a part of Gas Furnace Service?

A misconception about gas furnaces is that the service and tune-ups are only done a week before you decide to turn it on. It is vital to clean and maintain the gas furnace a week or two before actually starting. But tune-up services during spring and summer are also essential to ensure that the furnace runs correctly in the winter.

Boosting Life of Gas Furnace

On many occasions, it has been observed that when the furnace is not cleaned, maintained, and repaired regularly. They tend to stress out and work harder and decrease lifespan. But with a tune-up at least twice a year, in the summer and spring, the furnace will work more efficiently and boost the life of the gas furnace.

Warranties are Retained

Some manufacturers require a tune-up for the gas furnace; so that it remains under warranty. Although not all HVAC companies demand this clause, the gas furnace companies that require it are essential to fulfill this requirement. If you avoid the tune-up, then you might lose the warranty.

Cutting Down Cost of Energy Bills

Many gas furnace issues like clogged air filters, noises, foul smells, water leakage, and short cycling are the causes of increasing energy bills. But when you hire HVAC businesses, including Wayne’s Heating and Air, all of the problems mentioned at this point go away. Thus, cutting down the cost of energy bills.

Avoid Costly Repairs and Replacements

When maintenance services are hired, the whole gas furnace is cleaned from the interior, and most of the issues are resolved, leading to costly repairs and even replacement. But tune-ups in the summer and spring can avoid expensive repairs and replacements. 

Making Inside Air Quality Better

Tune-up service includes a thorough cleaning of the gas furnace, eliminating the possibility of having allergens, bacteria, viruses, and germs in the machine. Eradicating the likelihood of spreading allergies and diseases will make the quality of the inside air better.

Restarting Gas Furnace in Winter is Easy

A jammed gas furnace for a year will make restarting it difficult in the winter. But when cleaning and maintenance are part of the tune-up done during the summer and spring, the gas furnace might start quickly.

Preventing Future Damages 

The maintenance and repair services make sure that the gas furnace is working correctly. This happens when issues, whether they are major or minor, are solved. It is essential to prevent damages to the gas furnace in the future.

Improving Capability of Gas Furnace

The overall efficiency of the gas furnace improves because of maintenance and repair services a part of the tune-up. When all of the above points are achieved by hiring heating and air conditioning repair companies; then the capabilities of the gas furnace will increase. 

All of the reasons mentioned above should be enough to convince you that summer and spring tune-ups should be included in the gas furnace service. Following are three questions that will help to understand the relationship between gas furnaces and tune-up services.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a furnace be serviced in the summer?

Yes, it should come to you as a surprise that summer is the best season to hire heating and air conditioning repair companies for the service of the gas furnace. The weather is moderate making it easy to clean even the minor parts of the furnace. The parts will not be jammed because of the cold weather. Another point to note is that after summer service, the gas furnace cleaning in winter becomes easiest.

Do gas furnaces need to be tuned up?

What will happen if you don’t take care of your house appliances? They will be jammed and might not work. In the same way, the gas furnace will stop working and will be difficult to clean when winter comes. So, a tune-up of the gas furnace is necessary, especially in summer.

How often should gas furnaces be cleaned?

HVAC experts have recommended that the gas furnace should be cleaned at least once a year. But it doesn’t mean that you can’t hire cleaning and maintenance services during the rest of the year. Summer and spring tune-ups are also effective.

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