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Flooring for commercial offices – A room to room guide.

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It is important to consider both form and function when choosing office flooring materials. Because each room serves a different purpose, one type of flooring will not work in every office. What works in the lobby may not work in your office kitchen.

You can choose office flooring materials by going room-by-room. This will allow you to find the right materials for your space and your design preferences.

There are four rooms to think about when choosing office flooring materials

  1. Lobby area and reception areas

    When choosing a flooring material to cover your lobby, durability and design are important considerations. Customers, vendors, customers and potential employees all see the lobby first. The reception area must give a great first impression. You should also make sure it can withstand high foot traffic without displaying it.

    • Terrazzo
    • Wood finishes
    • Luxury vinyl tile (LVT).
  2. Open offices and break rooms

    The office area flooring should match the facility’s aesthetic, absorb background noise and withstand heavy foot traffic. The flooring should be integrated into the overall design of your facility and cost-effectively maintained. These materials work well in general office areas.

    • Carpet
    • LVT
  3. Conference rooms

    Important meetings are held in conference rooms as a backdrop to meet potential clients, employees, and stakeholders. Conference rooms are the perfect setting for important meetings with potential employees, clients and stakeholders. Your flooring choice must be attractive and in harmony with the overall design theme. Although durability is an important consideration in flooring selection, conference rooms are less likely to be used than other areas of the office. Here are some options for flooring that can be used in office spaces.

    • Wood finishes
    • Luxurious carpet
    • LVT
  4. Kitchen areas

    When choosing to floor for your office kitchen, slip-, spill-, and water resistance should all be considered. It is important that kitchen flooring be easy to maintain and clean.

    • Granite tile
    • LVT
    • Linoleum

These are just a few options that are best for each room. There are many other commercial flooring options available. Your budget and design should be considered by your flooring contractor to help you choose the right flooring material for your office.


Are your floors lasting their full life expectancy? These industry-proven strategies will help facility managers maintain flooring systems that are safe, reliable, and clean for many years.

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These are the five best office flooring choices

You now know what flooring materials may work best for your office. Now it is time to look closely at the materials that suit your design preferences and budget.

  1. Terrazzo

    Terrazzo is a LEED-friendly seamless floor system that offers durability and design flexibility. There are many color and design options available. This makes Terrazzo a great choice for companies who want to welcome their customers with a logo or unique pattern that evokes high-end marble tiles. Terrazzo has a long life expectancy and is easy to maintain. Terrazzo can last decades if it is properly maintained.

  2. Wood finishes

    The elegant look of commercial wood flooring, such as engineered hardwood, solid hardwood and locking hardwood floors, is perfect for impressing guests in the lobby or conference rooms. While real hardwood may not be as economical as synthetic flooring, it can still provide a timeless look that is suitable for many design ideas. Engineered hardwood is an eco-friendly alternative to real hardwood. It offers almost the same durability as real hardwood flooring and has many of the same design benefits.

  3. Luxury vinyl tiles (LVT),

    Vinyl tile, especially luxury vinyl tile (LVT), is an excellent choice for office applications. LVT is durable, versatile and easy to maintain.

  4. Carpet

    Broadloom carpet and tile are excellent options for areas where sound absorption is a concern, such as common rooms and open-office areas. The carpet is durable, beautiful, and environmentally friendly. Broadloom carpet is less expensive upfront, but it’s not as easy to maintain as carpet tile. Check out our guide on commercial carpets to help you decide which option is best for your needs.

  5. Quarry tile

    Quarry tile has been the industry standard in commercial kitchen spaces for decades,Quarry tile has a great lifetime value. It is easy to install and lasts a long time. Quarry tile is easy to clean and maintain and can withstand spills as well as heavy foot traffic in kitchen areas.

You should consult a contractor to help you choose the right materials for your office.

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