Exploring the Core Values of Child Protection Services

Exploring the Core Values of Child Protection Services

Children are society’s most vulnerable members, making their protection and well-being extremely important. At this delicate stage of life, they depend on adults to fulfil their needs, from nourishment and clothing to shielding them from harm. 

However, not all children grow up in a loving and nurturing environment, which makes them vulnerable to exploitation. To avoid and overcome such scenarios, the Government of India has special provisions in place. There are laws that protect children from exploitation and provide them an opportunity for a brighter future. There are also NGOs that protect these laws and ensure that children have access to a safe environment. 

In this article, we delve deeper into core areas of child protection services and explore how NGOs continue to protect vulnerable children from harm. 

Core Areas that Guide Child Protection Services

Child protection services in India address the health, nutrition, protection, and other issues that might affect children. Collaborating with government agencies, NGOs play an active role in delivering child protection services to safeguard children from these adversities. 

The following are key guiding principles and core values upheld by these organisations for the protection of children:

  • Strengthening Systems

Engaging with the Government of India at the district, state, and national levels to enhance their capacity, provide support, and equip them with the necessary tools to fulfil their responsibility of protecting children.

  • Ensuring Violence-Free Childhood

Advocating for legal reforms that encourage parents to adopt positive disciplinary methods and promote gender equality.

  • Promoting Psycho-Social Well-being

Advancing the mental health of children and families to make them more resilient. 

  • Eradicating Harmful Labour

Collaborating with businesses and establishing accountable and efficient monitoring mechanisms to prevent, respond to, and rehabilitate children in need. 

By adhering to these values, child protection services can effectively fulfil their mission of protecting and empowering children, ultimately shaping a brighter future for generations to come.

Importance of Child Protection Services 

One can easily grasp the importance of safeguarding children’s rights by understanding the story of Priya Biswas, a resilient mother determined to ensure the safety of her three daughters. Hailing from Nagaon, Assam, Priya and her family faced a devastating flood that washed away their humble dwelling, forcing them to seek refuge in a temporary shelter on the roadside. Worried about her daughters’ safety, Priya yearned for a solution to safeguard their future. 

During this challenging time, help came from Bal Raksha Bharat (also known as Save the Children), who stepped in to offer support. Having extensively worked in Assam and various parts of the country, Bal Raksha Bharat provides child protection services to vulnerable children like Priya’s daughters.

In response to the specific challenge posed by the flooding, Bal Raksha Bharat launched a comprehensive initiative targeting the severely affected areas of Assam. Their efforts included conducting assessments with communities, actively engaging with residents, and prioritising the well-being of vulnerable children throughout this humanitarian crisis.

Bal Raksha Bharat works hand in hand with the government, supporting child protection policies to ensure access to education, healthcare, nutrition, and protection from harm. Their collaborative efforts aim to build resilience in children affected by disasters, enabling them to overcome challenges and thrive.


Children represent the future of a nation, and as they grow, their eyes are filled with hope and excitement for the future. Their pure hearts cannot fathom why anyone would wish to cause them harm or distress. NGOs like Bal Raksha Bharat dedicate themselves to this noble cause. Their mission is to safeguard children’s innocence and curiosity and create an environment where they can freely dream. 

Bal Raksha Bharat continues to ensure that children experience a world of constant love and protection. And empower them to pursue their dreams regardless of how big or small, instilling belief in their abilities.

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