Explore The Nuances of Newborn Photography With Klicpic

Explore The Nuances of Newborn Photography With Klicpic

Snapping pics of newborns is a kind of photography that’s all about the little ones. Klicpic is specialised in doing newborn photoshoots of your tiny bundle of joy while ensuring that your baby is safe and comfy during the photoshoot. Usually, baby photoshoots are done when the baby is between four and fourteen days old – when they’re still soft, squishy, and easy to pose. Because of how newborns grow, this is the best time to get those incredible shots. 

Why Should One Opt For Newborn Photoshoots?

The arrival of your newborn child is an indescribable, breathtaking event. The first time you lay eyes on your baby, you’re swept up in a whirlwind of joy, awe, and raw emotion – a moment that is etched in your heart forever. But, as time races ahead, these precious moments start to fade into distant memories. This is where the magic of Klicpic newborn photoshoot comes in! We don’t just provide you with photos, we provide you with timeless heirlooms that capture the miracle of new life. They’re tangible reminders of your family’s growth, marking the first of many milestones to come. Imagine, in years to come, flipping through an album filled with these legacy portraits. Every picture will take you back to the day your world changed forever, allowing you to relive the joy and wonder of your baby’s arrival. 

How To Plan A Baby Photoshoot?

No sweat if you’re feeling a bit freaked out about your newborn photoshoot. We’re here to help you chillax! Klicpic’s skilled photographers makes sure that the session is completely according to your own needs and in line with your comfort. We help you bring your vision to life by actively rainstorming with you what you want! You can just kick back and relax while we do the heavy lifting! In the lead up to your newborn session, there’s a couple of things you gotta do to make sure everything runs without a hitch on the day: 

  1. Communication is key: Speaking with your photographer beforehand is key when getting ready for your newborn’s photoshoot. Remember, each photographer has their own style, and what you want can be totally unique too! If you’ve got some cool ideas for the shoot, like specific snaps or poses, let our photographers at Klicpic know, and they will make sure to get out the best of you and your baby in those adorable clicks. 
  2. Schedule your session at the right time: If you’re looking for the best newborn photoshoot, try to get those photos taken when your little one is still under two weeks old. They’re usually all about being wrapped and swaddled at this age – not to mention they’re still all cute and squishy, which makes them great in front of the camera. It’s a good idea to book your photo session during your second or third trimester so you’re guaranteed a spot around your due date. Make sure to request the time and date of the photoshoot beforehand in order to avoid missing your desired slot. 
  3. Know what to bring: At Klicpic, we’ve got a closet jam-packed with cute baby outfits, props like baskets and displays, and all the stuff you need to make your baby’s photo session absolutely fabulous.

Now that you have an idea of how to start off with the journey of curating the perfect baby photoshoot of your child, reach out to us at Klicpic and get ready to experience the best! 

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