English speaking classes in Chandigarh

English speaking classes in Chandigarh

English speaking classes in Chandigarh


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What is an English speaking class?

Why are these classes still popular?

English speaking classes in Chandigarh






There are many ways of getting rejected in an interview. The interviewer may not like your

qualifications, they might disagree with your way of thinking, they might not like your behaviour or

attitude. But out of all these, getting rejected because you mispronounced a word of English is

probably the hardest thing to recover from. There are hundreds or even thousands of young

professionals who have faced rejections based on their fluency in speaking English in front of hiring



This has become a regular problem for people who feel shy or underconfident while having a

conversation in English. Either they are scared to speak in front of others or they feel that their

pronunciation of some words might be wrong. This fear has been going on in our country for ages

now and it is high time that we deal with the situation.


Today, we will try to fix this problem for many of you who struggle with the English language. We

will also try to show you ways in which you can improve your conversational skills. And if you are in

search of well-reputed English speaking classes in Chandigarh, then you have landed on the perfect

web page. So, let us start with the topic without wasting any more time.


What is an English speaking class?


Students can enhance their English speaking abilities and be more comfortable conversing with others in any situation by enrolling in an English speaking program or institute. Additionally, these programs provide students a boost in confidence.

which they have always lacked since their childhood. Many educated and well-read students who

are wonderful at their skills are shunned out of the interview room just because they cannot speak

proper English. That’s why, some of these students are left unemployed even after studying all their



We have all heard the phrase from our relatives and parents that if we can speak fluent English, we

can crack any interview and get any job. I didn’t used to believe in this statement when I was a kid.

But now that I am working in an IT-related job, I see what they meant and why they pushed us to

learn English. I was one of the fortunate ones who understood the importance of this language in

India and started focusing on improving myself at an early age. However, not everyone took this

observation seriously and now they are struggling to find jobs.


Why are these classes still popular?


There are hundreds of reasons that can be quoted here and everyone who has this problem will

relate to those reasons as well. However, our focus in this article is to help students and not

intimidate them even more.


To answer this question, let us start with India’s education system. Every subject that we have

studied since our childhood barring a few state board schools, had English medium books. There was

no option for us to at least learn reading English so that we could succeed in our exams. Then came

the era of LPG (Liberalisation, Privatisation and Globalisation) at the start of the 1990s.

English courses

This was where the game was completely turned upside down for those students who had never

considered English to be that important. Suddenly, private companies started coming in huge

numbers in India as they saw a lot of potential in the Indian market. That’s why, globalisation gave us

thousands of private sector jobs. After this, computers came to India at a time when the literacy rate

in India was still struggling in many states.


Today, there are millions of English speakers in India and many of us Indians are better at grammar

than the so-called white people of Americas and Europe. We don’t give ourselves enough credit but

the way Indians speak English is much better than how our colonisers did at one point in time.


The simple reason that these classes are still so popular in India is that our society is still going

through major changes and needs a lot of evolution. We need a leader who treats our languages

with respect and doesn’t undermine anyone who cannot speak fluent English. Once we do that and

give some confidence to our youth that they can speak in any language that they want, we won't

need this foreign language to rule us all.


English speaking classes in Chandigarh:


As the demand for these classes is growing rapidly, Chandigarh is becoming a hub for these classes

and institutes. However, just joining a class doesn’t mean that you will learn everything about this

language in one night. Rather, you might have to struggle to learn the proper usage of this language


and how to drive the conversation in your way. That’s why, we at EnglishPro have curated one of the

most meticulous syllabi for our Best English speaking classes in Chandigarh. Our faculty is one of the most

qualified and dedicated teams of all time and we have an experience of over two decades which we

use to train all of our students efficiently.




In conclusion, we must acknowledge the fact that learning a foreign language can do wonders for

our mental abilities. English-speaking classes are consequently still very relevant in today’s society.
India is always mentioned while discussing which country has the largest population of English speakers. India

will always remain at the top. This should make you feel proud and confident enough to start

practising your English language skills with us at EnglishPro. We promise to make you a fluent English

speaker in a matter of weeks.

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