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Duties of a Company Secretary

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A Company Secretary always radiates great care and alertness while discharging their responsibilities.

What does a company secretary does?

The company secretary ensures that there is no breach of rules and regulations in his respective company. In addition, he promotes the smooth running of the board and legal procedures. A company secretary can handle all the nuances perfectly and effectively. In other words, they often advise the board for corporate governance matters.

With the presence of your company secretary, you can rest assure that all extraordinary and routine matters of your company are being handle well. On the behalf of the company’s director, he may be ask to sign the legal documents.

These documents generally include- bank documents, cheques, and the company’s confirmation statement. Similarly, it is extremely supportive to appoint a corporate secretarial service provider for the fluent running of the company. They help to remind you filing deadline and to present the details in a proper format.

Functions of a company secretary

Basic attributes of the functioning of a Company Secretary are –

  • For instance, rule reminders
  • Management of shares
  • For instance, board meetings
  • Handling activities
  • For instance, board meetings

What documents does a secretary handles?

Documents handled by the corporate secretarial service provider are –

  • Statutory Register book which contains managers, directors, members, auditors, and also the share transfers.
  • Interim statements, company’s annual report, and account.

No doubt, that corporate compliance is a tedious factor. It might prove a tad too intricate to be practice without expertise.

ACRA in Singapore

Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority(ACRA) reigns over delineating compliance in Singapore. Singaporean companies are always known for their way of executing administrative tasks. For error-free compliance, they’re often dependent on Singapore secretarial services. They offer a review of corporate governance and lending a guide to the directors to their responsibilities and duties. The trained and experienced corporate secretary guide their clients for getting a good name and reputation in the market and avoiding their brand name getting tarnish.

Under Singapore’s Company act, chapter 50- companies are require to hire a Company Secretary within six months of its initiation. He attains the post of the head administrative officer. Hence, most of the businessmen in Singapore choose to hire the most efficient corporate secretarial service provider.

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Get help from the best corporate secretarial service provider

HeySara takes pride in guarantying client compliance. Above all, it offers a cost-competitive, top-notch, and appreciate corporate secretarial service provider. As your trusted partner, we guarantee the proper use of company seal and safe custody. In other words, we offer an easy replacement of the data from your current provider. In addition, to ensure no waste of time in re-entering the information, all reportable changes are to be update on the spot. We provide you with trained, qualified, and dedicate professional service. Hey Sara offers different packages of corporate secretary plans vary on the time and prices. Avail the non-routine services that too at an affordable price with Hey Sara. Come in contact with our team and get an instant reply to all your queries. Don’t wait to appoint Hey Sara as corporate secretary for your organization’s rapid growth.

Thus, he can be said as an interlink between the directors and the shareholders of the company.

Roles and responsibility of a company secretary

Roles and Responsibilities in front of a Company Secretary –

  • Role as a coordinator
  • In addition, he acts as a communicating channel between the board and the executives. And to coordinate with the executives on the command of the board.
  • Chairman and the board directors are assist with various lines and the trade unions, staff personnel, and the auditors of the company.
  • In addition, if the external role of coordination is taken into account, then the role of a CS can be extend to the government organization, shareholders, and the social network.


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