Thursday, January 20th, 2022

Dentists – An Inexpensive Marketing Plan

Many dentists give gifts that do little to promote their business. A sticker that says “I went to the dentist today” or “I brushed my teeth” may make a young dental patient smile, but it does little to promote dental services in that particular office. I believe that dentists can do better. So I have put together a dental marketing plan that is inexpensive, has great logo placement, and a long marketing life.

The Marketing Plan for Magnetic Tooth Imaging Frames

A tooth-shaped magnetic picture frame can be cheesy or classic, depending on how your marketing is handled. If a dental magnet frame is integrated into a dental marketing strategy, it is not just delivered, then it becomes a very inexpensive tool for dental business promotion.

First, don’t bother printing the removable center area of ​​a magnetic picture frame. It is true that the central area of ​​the frame is removed to be used as a tooth-shaped refrigerator magnet. But I think there is too much risk of it being thrown away to be worth printing. It means that the actual footprint won’t be that big, but what matters is that it shows. Focus the budget on printing the picture frame and the information will be useful, IF you also follow the advice below.

Second, don’t hand the customer an empty printed frame and expect it to go straight to the refrigerator. With digital cameras and instant printing, a dental assistant or front desk secretary can take a quick photo when logging in and have it ready, inside the printed magnetic frame, when logging out. Nobody shoots a photo and if the photo is part of a refrigerator magnet, then it is placed on the refrigerator. The refrigerator door is a premium promotional space. The door is opened many times a day and that means that anything in it is very visible.

Third, the best use of this marketing strategy is child photographs.

Some adults may put a photo of themselves inside a tooth in the refrigerator. But only if it is a great image. Children are not that picky about their photos and adults like to see photos of their children around, so if time is tight, focus your photography on children rather than adults.

Fourth, take a moment to prepare a part of the office wall for the photos. Find a place where the lighting is bright enough and mark an X on the floor where the dental patient should stand. It will not take long, and preparation will help the photo turn into something worth staying on the refrigerator door for a long time.

With a photo included, a magnetic tooth picture frame becomes part of a marketing strategy that promotes a dentist’s business long after the customer leaves the dental chair.

Before you do anything, before you take the first photo, before you write the first line of code, you need to consider what you know.

In the web world, everything is in the numbers. From the unconscious potential customer to the returning loyal customer, all possibilities and measures must be mapped onto the sales continuum.

Where do your clients come from  digital marketing strategies for dentists? How much does the average customer spend with you in a year? How much do you spend to earn a customer? What have your previous marketing and advertising efforts produced? Who are your regular customers? Why do customers return? Why are customers leaving? Are you doing your best to measure all the elements that directly and indirectly affect sales?

There is a lot of inventory and soul searching to identify your metrics. Be honest about what you know and what you don’t know. You must be critical and able to rate yourself. Doing your homework here will not only guide the purpose of all your web marketing efforts, it will also allow you to measure ROI, make adjustments, and outperform your competitors.


In the vastness of the Internet, there are two kinds of websites: the digital brochure and the utility site.

Most websites are of the first type: the online equivalent of a printed brochure. Yes, all the computer processors. Memory, software, hardware, power, and lines. Of communication for people to read the same information that they would get from a brochure. The brochure site makes your case, launches it, and then it’s done. That’s what many companies do with their brands on the Internet, and their website performance is a reflection of that.

Your website should be useful, not just informative about your main business purpose. Many websites waste inordinate amounts of time and money promoting a useless site. His visitors see no reason to return and he dies right there.

Your website needs to find its place on the Internet.

To achieve this, you must be prepared to invest in the usefulness of your site.

You must have an offer for the general public, without the visitor needing to be a customer.

If you sell lawn fertilizer, offer a lawn care calendar for the visitor’s geographic area, email alerts on care stages, free weekly lawn care tips, and write a regular article. Create a place the visitor can count on, while promoting your brand and selling your product or service.

Comparison shopping lists, mortgage amortization. Calculators, games, a “weird word of the day” and “lawn care tip. Of the week” are all useful principles for a website. If your competitors are already introducing utility. To their online store fronts and building a reputation for having a website worth coming back to. Then you have something to worry about. Don’t wait until then. Up the ante and don’t lose another visit to your site.

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