Cyber security training in Chandigarh

Cyber security training in Chandigarh

Cyber security training in Chandigarh


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What is cyber security?

Why does everyone need it?

Important tips to stay safe on the internet

Cyber security training in Chandigarh






You can never foresee what will occur in the world since it is an unpredictable environment. The internet operates in a similar manner. One minute you are browsing your favorite websites, and the next your system is compromise because you clicked on an unfamiliar link that just so happened to appear in front of you. This has happened to a great deal of individuals in the past, and hundreds of contact centers and IT companies are actively searching the internet today for someone to steal from.

The world knows India and Indian tech companies for building phony businesses and agencies that rely solely on the internet to generate revenue. They do not give a damn about the people they hurt in the process. A young person playing an online game gives his parent’s credit card information to an unknown hacker whose only goal is to steal money from them. These and other incidents have demonstrated that thousands of phony companies are currently engaging in these frauds. An innocent teenager sitting in Canada is scamme online and loses his parent’s fortune because he wanted to invest money in some cryptocurrency.

We are here today to discuss the problem of cybercrimes in India and the reasons they are growing and becoming more widespread globally. I assume everyone has heard about the “Jamtara Scam.” If not, you may read all about it in this article. Additionally, we will inform you about one of the top institutes for Cyber Security training in Chandigarh if you choose to pursue a career in this field. So, without further ado, let’s get started on the subject.

What is cyber security?


As was previously said, thousands of hackers are active in India and other countries, and their sole objective is to locate or contact innocent individuals in order to target them online and take anything they own. We refer to this as cybercrime. Anything illegal carried out through the use of


Cybercrime is defined as using the internet and its associated technologies. Since so many ignorant people now have access to the internet, this issue has multiplied during the last few years. They are constantly watched by these scammers in hopes that they might slip up

someday and at that moment they will attack them.

But for every awful thing in the world, there is also good in certain people. Every day, more and more people, including ethical hackers, are confronting these con artists.

Because of this, cyber security coaching in Chandigarh is becoming quite popular. To address these incidents in India and throughout the globe, numerous institutions in Chandigarh are enticing bright minds to enroll in courses on ethical hacking and cyber security.

Why does everyone need cyber security?


Let’s examine this with a practical case. You would go to the police and register a FIR if you were to be mugged on the street at some point, right? You’re not going to complain about it to a security guard at the mall.

In a similar vein, you should get in touch with your local cyber security unit if you come across a con artist online.

In that circumstance, they are the only ones who can assist you. Even the other police

officers will suggest you contact the cyber cell instead of the normal police personnel.


That’s why, in today’s digital world, everyone needs to be aware of these fraudulent messages and

emails that can hack your entire lives with just a single click.

Important Tips to Stay Safe on the Internet:


  1. Use Robust Passwords: Make sure your online accounts have strong passwords that combine capital and lowercase letters, digits, and special characters. Refrain from using information that can be guessed at, like names or birthdays.
  2. Maintain Software and Systems Up to Date: Sometimes we are so indolent that we forget to update our phones and all of the apps that are installed on them. This laziness can be dangerous and

can cause a lot of harm if you don’t update your apps as these updates carry a lot of security

features as well.

  1. Beware of Phishing Attempts: You will get many phishing emails that will ask you to click on

some links. Never click on those links and immediately report those email IDs to your

nearest cyber security office.

  1. Backup Vital Information: Pay attention to the backup alerts that appear on your gadgets. It’s a good idea to have a virtual backup of all your data,
  2. particularly if you use your devices frequently.


  1. Become Informed on Cyberthreats: If you wish to prevent these things from occurring in your life, learning about them is the first step.
  2. View YouTube videos to obtain all the knowledge you need and to be safe.

Cybersecurity Training in Chandigarh:


Among the best cities in India is Chandigarh. It is gradually developing into a center for IT and education comparable to Bengaluru, Gurugram, and Noida.

For this reason, Chandigarh is home to hundreds of IT and computer institutes that aim to train students in a range of IT-related areas.


One of Chandigarh’s greatest options for cyber security training is CBitss Technologies.

We have been teaching students in this area for a very long time, and the ethical hackers and cybersecurity officials that they produce are doing amazing jobs.

Our faculty is of the highest caliber and is exceptionally adept at simplifying complex topics, even for novice users of cyberspace.



It is impossible to exaggerate the significance of cybersecurity as we negotiate the digital frontier.

With its advances in technology, Chandigarh has realized that in order to empower people and enterprises, thorough cybersecurity training is necessary.

People in Chandigarh can help create a safe and resilient online community by taking part in training programmes, grasping the importance of cybersecurity, and putting these important online safety tips into practise.

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