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What are the core updates on our websites?

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Core updates on our websites?

When a new learner starts to learn about SEO, he must have come across the news on google core updates. Due to the sudden and weird announcement about its June and July updates, multiple SEO experts don’t know what could happen even after the update.

This core update has brought a massive shockwave to SEO firms. This year’s Google update is also noted as an exemplary “broad core update” and a global one, not targeting any specific websites or tags.

The main motive behind this is that Google demands to get better and analyze good content and determine which pages are the best for search queries, and you might not even know who could benefit from this update. Some may face dropping, and some may face rising. Anything can happen.


Why Is The Update Happening?

When Google announced its update, numerous users asked multiple questions on why this occurred so fast and urgently? Well, Google wants to give and provide searchers the results they are looking for over the internet, which means Google is evolving significantly and is trying its hardest to provide and display the highest quality, trustworthy and relevant content it can find.


Why It’s Necessary To Use Google Search Console For Optimizing Your SEO?

Now those of you who are new and don’t know a single thing about SEO. Let us tell you about the importance of the search console. It allows the see the results if the google crawler has indexed his site or not.

On a daily routine, the user can also see the keywords which have led the traffic to his site. It also allows an enormous amount of search data to be collected, and it enables to set up analysis and cross-references with other resources. These types of resources are beneficial in Local SEO services and also for building SEO strategy.



If a user wants to get traffic to his site, he must first see what they are exploring for and what they require from your website. You own a website that provides Content Writing services to customers who want assistance with their thesis writing.

So to show the appearance of your website, the search console gives you access to track the essential data regarding the number of competition, the ranking of other websites in the search results, and the number of clicks and CTR from the results. The data can be altered by country, keywords, pages, etc.



This feature allows the user to evaluate the external links received by the website and the distribution of internal links with the occurrence of highlight pages that may or may not have internal links.


Technical Performance:

Now some newbies must be asking themselves what technical performance are? This question relates to your website, which may be not be working correctly or the website speed is slow, or your website pages are not indexing correctly, or maybe there’s a high possibility of spamming.

But with the assistance of the Search Console, you will be able to resolve all your website-related issues. This process can be helpful for your local SEO services and planning an excellent SEO strategy.


Also, note that mobile devices are much slower than desktops and laptops, with loading speeds as dead as a slug. Make sure to optimize your website for all devices by using the Google Mobile-friendly tool.

It will not only improve your loading speed, but it will also increase the traffic of your website because google gives references to those websites which are optimized with all devices displayed.


Page Experience:

When a user starts publishing new content on his website but doesn’t know if the content is displaying to his viewers or not, that’s where google tools come in. It will help and resolve all your problems, whether it’s related to content. Mobile responsiveness and other features. To provide a fast and trustworthy web experience.


Content Quality:

There are also other demands for page experience: it requires unique and original contents such as images, videos, internal linking and blog posts, etc. the only way for local SEO services to counter Google’s wrath is to keep their content up to date with new and engaging posts which are related to the website.

If you still have blog posts titled 2020 or 2017, change them and add 2021 to the titles. This blog will be up to date, and your articles and blog post are displaying on the google search list.


As a marketing agency owner, we have all the essential details from every angle. Whether it’s related to visual design, content, and refresh, or technical SEO, we can help you with anything.

We hope in today’s blog you got an understanding of the google core update and know what to do next for your website. And if you have some queries about the relevant blog post, quote them below, and we will get back to you as ready as attainable.


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