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Connecting to the Rockspace WIFI extender AX1800 Network

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Rockspace WIFI Extender setup is renowned for its matchless features and spectacular tools. It also provides you with the most convenient setup, login, and installation. During your Rockspace ap.setup process, you would never face any obstacles, and it will have a smooth installation.

Rockspace ap.setup Pre-installation instructions

  • Unpack your Rockspace ap.setup WIFI Extender.
  • Take out all accessories which you find inside the box.
  • There are four antennas inside the box.
  • You have to attach it to its appropriate location.
  • Now take the power adapter and connect one of the ends to the WIFI extender.
  • Connect the other end into the power source or an electric outlet.

Rockspace AX1800 Mbps Extender setup

Connect the included Ethernet cable in one of the LAN ports of the WIFI extender. And the second edge will go into one of the LAN ports of the computer or PC. Turn on your Rockspace AX1800 Mbps by pressing the respective switch of the power source.

  1. Place it near the router slot. If you see the LED flash, press the power button available at the back of your WIFI extender.
  2. After turning on the extender, move towards your computer to turn it on. Then go to the web browser available on your computer and open it or launch it.
  3. Find the address bar of this web browser and input https://ap.setup. In case https://ap.setup is not accessing the login page of your Rockspace WIFI Extender setup.
  4.  Then provide the IP address of your WIFI extender. Use it as the default login gateway into the same address bar of your browser.
  5. For the default IP address of your Rockspace WIFI Extender setup, you can use the 192.168.1. It will provide you with the login interface.
  6. The moment you hit the login key, an interface of https://ap.setup will appear on the screen.
  7. In this interface, you will also get an option to run Smart Setup Wizard. You may skip this option and proceed to the manual setup process.
  8. After selecting the Smart Setup wizard, the dashboard will automatically come up on the screen. And it will detect the type of internet connection that you might be using.
  9. After identifying the internet type or the type of connection, tap next to get the next level of https://ap.setup login process.

Wifi Setting

  1. On a wifi setting page, you will get prompted on the screen to complete your Rockspace ap.setup login process.
  2. To customize the WIFI settings of your Rockspace WIFI Extender setup AX1800 Mbps, type WIFI password. It must be strong enough to protect your device from strange or unauthorized access.
  3. Once you are done with the password set up, get on to the next step. Here you have to change the SSID of your Rockspace WIFI extender setup.
  4. In the required place, fill a new WIFI name or the SSID to distinguish your device from all other nearby devices.
  5. Finishing the entire process needs to hit the apply button. In this way, you can secure the changes done in the previous steps.
  6. Clicking the APPLY button will encounter you with the notification that you have successfully achieved the Rockspace ap.setup login and Rockspace ap.setup process.

Soon, your Rockspace WIFI Extender setup AX1800 will reboot. It can take a few minutes. And then access your WIFI extender using the new SSID and password. Never use any previous user ID and password. It may increase the chances to hack your router in future. Change the SSID and password after every six to eight months.

Connecting to the Rockspace WIFI extender AX1800 Network

After performing all these steps, the https://ap.setup extender will reboot and segregate the WIFI connections. Connect to devices like your tablet, computer or PC. Also, select the wireless bands. Therefore, you can only connect either to the 2.4 GHz band or to the 5 GHz band. Follow the instructions you receive through the interface. And click on the OK tab when you find connected with the network.

Now you have successfully arranged your Rockspace AX1800 Mbps wifi extender. And separate each of your settings. Now you will get an ideal location to place your range extender. The LED lights are available at the highest point of your extender. It will help you to find the most appropriate location to position the extender.

Rockspace WIFI Extender setup AX1800 Mbps features. 

  • The users new to the Rockspace ap.setup system do not have to face any long process.
  • You will get the Rockspace WIFI extender setup page.
  • The system and the ap.setup wizard will automatically get the default login page.
  • Moreover, after login into the Rockspace AX1800 Mbps WIFI extender, you can modify the default settings to be simple.
  • Changing the default credentials makes your WIFI extender secure from all types of external attacks and threats.
  • You can even provide additional security settings to your Rockspace ap.setup, like WPA and WPA2 Personal security standards.


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