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Can I use my cavitation machine every day?

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Do you have a cavitation machine? Can’t wait to use it and get rid of unwanted fat right now but not sure about how frequently you should use your cavitation machine? Well, I am going to discuss just the very thing in this article.

Can I use my cavitation machine every day

Skin tightening or body scalping with the help of ultrasonic and RF technology has become very popular. You might have heard about them somewhere but not sure about how frequently you should take it. Or, you might have bought a cavitation machine but are not sure about how often to use it. It is alright and perhaps, better to be in doubt about this kind of matter rather than being sure and botch it by going the extra mile in order to achieve perfection. Because everyone is very sensitive when it is about his/her body and application of some newly introduced effects on it.

But in order to make a decision about whether you should use your cavitation machine every day or not, we have to start by discussing how it works.

What does a Cavitation machine do?

A Cavitation machine enables us to apply ultrasonic and RF directly to a portion of the body area. This one liner may suffice for someone who has no experience regarding Cavitation machines. But to find out whether you should use it daily or not, we have to dig a little bit more into the topic.

So, a Cavitation machine uses ultrasonic and RF to achieve a specific result which might be a desired contour of the body or skin tightening at some portion of the body. It removes fat and toxins by producing heat directly on the target. The heat doesn’t actually affect the skin. Instead the collagen fibers tighten up.

There are different types of cavitation machines. If you haven’t yet picked up one of them, I want to recommend you to take a look at the very wide collection of cavitation machines by Lumbuy at For example, if you don’t want to leave stretch mark, you might pick the Auro 3 in 1 Cavitation machine.

The actual process is very similar to the process of turning ice into water. The heat from the radiation of RF waves and the vibration due to ultrasonic waves causes the layer of fat deposit to melt.

After that, the fat and the toxins are disposed of from the body through the lymphatic and urinary system of the body. The process might sound very simple, but it actually takes three days for the body to completely dispose of the fat and toxins produced during a 30 minutes session of cavitation treatment.

Ensuring better result: Drink enough water

Besides, if you want the best result from cavitation treatment, you have to ensure drinking enough water for that to happen. You have to drink 1.5 liter water before you go through the process and after it has been done. Drinking enough water ensures better disposal of fat and toxic products during cavitation.

Ensuring better result: Following good diet

As you might know, body scalping via a cavitation machine is not a magical solution for the obesity of your body. In order to obtain better results from this process, you have to follow a good diet. Because otherwise you’ll just undo all the effort by gaining fats in all those area of your body.

Ensuring better result: Looking out for side effects

Side effects, although not very common in RF and ultrasonic technology based treatment, still might occur. Some of the side effects include redness of skin, bruising and headache. For this reason, you should take a gap between cavitation treatment sessions and be on the lookout for possible side effects.

Ensuring safety: Taking a break during menstrual cycle

For a woman, it is better to take a break during the menstrual cycle if she is taking treatments in any of the following regions of her body – hips, waistline and buttock.

Making the most out of post-treatment period

It is very important to focus on the post-treatment duration in order to make the treatment most effective. For example, it is not only important to drink water before taking the treatment but you should also do some cardiovascular exercise during the interim period between two treatment sessions.

You should also maintain a low calorie, low carb and low fat diet during this period. This way your body is forced to use the triglycerides.

Final Remarks: Is it about the treatment or the prep for the treatment?

Ultrasonic and RF based fat cavitation works so much better when you do it as a companion process besides a good diet and regular cardio as the effort to obtain an obesity free life. So it is very important to get ready for the process and keep up doing it even after the treatment. One should also take note of the time needed for the fat and toxic products of the body to get disposed of. If you follow those directions, you’ll soon start to see results!

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