Best Yoga Poses To Practice For Spine Mobility

Best Yoga Poses To Practice For Spine Mobility

Spine flexibility and mobility are affected drastically due to various factors. Whether it’s about using your phone for countless hours or spending too much time on your work desk. All these factors can lead to inadequate spine strength that makes you experience pain when you bend down. There is also a risk of developing hunchback if you sit in the wrong posture for a prolonged period.

Yoga is known for its various benefits for physical and mental well-being. There are different yoga poses that can effectively target any particular muscle to enhance mobility and strength. According to studies, yoga has been scientifically proven to be helpful for spine-related problems. Most people head to yoga studios instead of going through unnatural medical procedures to deal with spine mobility problems.

Yoga can do wonders for your back; keep reading to explore the best yoga poses to practice for spine mobility.

5 Yoga to Enhance Spine Mobility

When you put too much pressure on your back, it can cause stiffness and stress in your spine. If you also lead a sedentary lifestyle that puts an immense load on your back muscles, then a few yoga poses might help. The yoga poses shown below do wonders for your back by stretching, improving posture, enhancing flexibility, and promoting blood circulation. Therefore, by Incorporating certain poses into your daily yoga sessions will lead to better spinal health.

Here are 5 yoga poses you must practice if you are dealing with low spine mobility.

1. Head to Knee Pose

Head to knee is considered a very effective pose to deal with passive lifestyle problems. It helps counteract the effects of prolonged sitting and improves your posture. The pose effectively stretches all your back muscles to relieve the lower back pain and loosen up the tightness. This can also be practiced after any high-intensity workout or sports activity to boost recovery.

You can do this pose by sitting on a mat and folding one your inward. Make sure the folded leg heel is touching your groin, and then extend the other leg next to your body. Then, lower your upper body and bend the hip while extending your arms until you grab your foot. Inhale and exhale slowly and stay in the position for 30 – 50 seconds. Yogis prefer doing this in yoga studio Dubai with assistance from professional instructors to reap maximum benefits from the pose.

2. Bow Pose

Yogis mostly do this pose to strengthen specific parts of the legs. Certainly, it’s effective for the legs, but it’s also very beneficial for the back and spine, which builds flexibility and mobility. It works on all of your back muscles as you grab your foot, builds back strength, and improves posture.

Bow pose can be done on a mat by lying on your stomach with your face down. Then, bend your knees and extend your arms to grab your ankles with your hands. While doing this, lift your shoulders and chest to maintain a comfortable stretch. Take long and relaxed breaths and stay in the position for a few counts.

3. Crescent Moon Pose

The crescent moon is a back-bending pose that increases spinal flexibility and lengthens the spine. This improves the overall health of your back and minimizes the chances of back pain occurrence. Doing this every day will lead to greater mobility of the spine and give relief for sedentary lifestyle symptoms.

You can do this by standing straight on the floor and bending one knee in front of you. Then, stretch your other leg behind your body and lift your hands over your head straightened. Now, straighten your back and neck to feel the stretch while gently pushing your hip. Stay in the pose for a few counts, then repeat on the other leg.

4. Pyramid Pose

The pyramid pose stretches your entire body, but it’s mostly done to stretch your back muscles. The pose strengthens and stretches your spine to enhance your spinal health. It also assists with restoring balance and improving posture. It may seem difficult to do, but it can be easily mastered after a few attempts or with the instructor’s assistance.

Pyramid pose can done on the floor by standing straight with one foot next to your body and other one behind. Then, make sure all your other body parts are facing forward, specifically your face and hips. Then, bend forward to make your face touch your knee and bend until your hands reach the floor. Stay in the pose for at least seconds and then repeat on the other side.

5. Seated Wide Angle Pose

Seated wide angle is one pose that works on multiple body parts. Along with strengthening your lower back and spine, the pose also stretches your hamstrings, hips, and groin. This also relieves the tension within your inner thigh region, which is accumulated due to prolonged sitting. Doing this in your routine will relieve the pain and discomfort caused by a sedentary lifestyle.

You can nail the pose by sitting on the floor with your legs stretched in front of you. Ensure to stretch your legs as far as they can be stretched. Then, extend your arms, bend your hips, and lower your torso. If muscle stiffness isn’t letting you maintain the posture alignment, you can join yoga studio to enhance your flexibility in a hot atmosphere.

Looking to Enhance Your Spine Mobility with Yoga?

Good spinal health can reduce the risk of major health problems that can negatively influence your daily activities. Yoga can counter the effects of a sedentary lifestyle and other bad habits that affect your spine strength. Book your next class now and enhance your spine mobility with the help of professional instructors.

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