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Best Tools to Use for Employee Engagement at Workplace

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Employee engagement

When we talk about employee engagement, Communication is the first thing that comes to mind. Effective communication is the essence of all organizations and needs to be given utmost priority.


In today’s digital world, there are quite a several tools that can effectively be used to boost employee engagement at the workplace.


Moreover, research shows that organizations with engaged employees are 21% more profitable than organizations with lesser employee engagement. The more the employees are engaged, the better would be their work productivity which further leads to more profits.


If you are struggling to increase the engagement of your employees, then you have stumbled upon the right place.

In this post, we are going to tell you about the best tools that can be used by your organization for improving employee engagement tremendously.

We are sure that by the time this blog ends, you would be convinced enough to try them out.

Without any further ado, let’s get started!



●      Taggbox Display

There needs to be a tool in the workplace that makes the environment of the office more lively and active.

Taggbox Display is a User-Generated Content and social media aggregation tool that enables its users to create a stunning social media wall.



For those not familiar with it, a social media wall is a collection of live or aggregated social media feeds collected from various social media platforms, displayed in a collective and beautiful presentation.


A social media wall on digital signage, when placed strategically, can take the engagement levels of the employees to another level.

To ease out the employees, you can run a fun activity at your workplace. Urge your employees to create content in the form of photos, videos, gifs, reviews, etc., and post it on their social media handles.

The content can be around their work in the office or the highlights of the day.


Using the Taggbox display, you can easily aggregate the content and display it according to your needs and preferences. You can customize the social wall by selecting from a variety of options. The advanced moderation panel allows you to remove any unwanted or inappropriate content.


Furthermore, you can also analyze the performance of the social wall. Taggbox offers advanced analytics for you to keep track of total impressions and various other crucial details.

If you encounter any issue while using the platform, the active support team will assist you till the issue is resolved.



●      Trello

Keeping the employees in sync with their work is important and it further leads to engagement as well. Trello is a tool that enables employees to create an outline for every project assigned to them.



The users can utilize the lists and task cards from the platform to create mentions of the due date of the project, its descriptions, and the employees assigned for the task.


Another good thing about this tool is the slots it has on the dashboard and employees can keep shifting the tasks once they are completed or done with the process. Doing this would keep all the team members updated and the work would be completed more efficiently and smoothly.



●      Weekdone

This is another efficient work management tool that works to keep the employees on the same page. Moreover, this tool is great for managers to track the productivity and progress of the employees.

Employee engagement


This is a good way for managers to increase interaction with their employees. The functionality of this tool is simple. It urges employees to fill in details like project statuses, plans for the upcoming week, etc.

The employees can also mention if they are going through an obstacle or issue in the office. Most employees hesitate to open up with the managers due to a lack of communication. Since the managers would weekly be in touch with them, the employees would be motivated to increase communication with their managers leading to more engagement in the workplace.



●      Officevibe

Officevibe is a tool that enables the employees to host regular surveys and polls to stay updated with the engagement levels of their team. The best part is that the employees can send their feedback anonymously to the managers.

employees engagement


This way the managers can stay updated with what the team feels about their leadership. The format of the survey can be in the form of a chart, poll, or simple questionnaire format.

The employees can create surveys for particular projects if they wish to.



Closing Note

This brings us to the end of this post and you are now aware of the best tools that can be used in your organization as well if you wish to increase the engagement and productivity of your employees.


Now that you know about the significance of employee engagement and the tools that can help you attain it, go on, select the one which you wish to start off with, and witness your employee’s engagement take off!

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