Best Commercial Security Cameras & Surveillance Systems!

Best Commercial Security Cameras & Surveillance Systems!

Are you a business owner and looking for the best surveillance system and security cameras for the safety purposes? We may help you find the best one among the various cameras available in the market. Stay associated with us to know what features make the cameras best among others.

Security cameras not only just protect your firm from theft but also make you aware of if there is a fire or when a flood threatens your stock. If you are a Singapore resident and looking for the best commercial CCTV system, read the following article.

What are the Types of Commercial Security Camera Systems?

Look at the following information to find various types of commercial security camera systems.

Dome Cameras

Since a housing with a dome shape hides dome cameras, they are the most discrete type of camera.

Bullet Cameras

Bullet Cameras are in the typical rectangular shape associated with security cameras, which are the least discrete type. However, dome cameras are more damage-resistant than bullet cameras due to their housings. However, bullet cameras typically capture better images when used in confined spaces with limited viewing angles.

PTZ Cameras

PTZ (Pan-Tilt-Zoom) cameras provide even greater flexibility. They offer users total control with optical zoom and the capacity to move along both vertical and horizontal axes.

Such cameras combine three or four distinct cameras with separate sensors in one housing; multi-sensor cameras are the most versatile variety with the most extensive range and depth capacities. Their sensors have variable sensitivities, allowing them to capture picture data at different depths and lighting conditions. They can also record numerous angles of view simultaneously.

LPR Cameras

These cameras include advanced traffic sensors that are used to capture the images from license plates. Additionally, complex algorithms are used by license-plate recognition (LPR) cameras to identify split digits.

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What to Consider while choosing the best Commercial system?

If you are looking forward to choosing the best surveillance system for your business, check out the following points you should consider before deciding.

  • Motion Detection
  • Facial recognition
  • Storage capacities
  • Video quality
  • IP for remote management
  • AI Supported search
  • Two-way audio, etc.

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