Application Steps & Processing Times for Sponsoring Parents to Canada

Application Steps & Processing Times for Sponsoring Parents to Canada

If you are a Permanent Resident or Citizen in Canada you can sponsor your Parents and Grandparents for PR status through the Family Sponsorship Canada Program. Several thousands of applications for Family PR for Canada from India are filed every year through the PGP. You can apply for Canada PR Visa from India for your parents irrespective of whether your relationship is biological or adoption.

If the individual you wish to sponsor is a divorcee, you have to file individual applications for them.

PGP does not include:

  •         Your in-laws
  •         Anyone who is not admissible to Canada

The PGP Sponsorship annual allocation is roughly 20,000. The intake for 2023 has concluded and IRCC has offered invitations to 24,000 prospective sponsors to file sponsorship applications for their Parents and Grandparents. It aims to receive 15,000 complete sponsorship applications.

For the 2023 intake under PGP, only those candidates were considered by IRCC who filed the form Interest to Sponsor through its website from 13 October 2020 noon ET to 3 November 2020 noon ET.

PGP Sponsorship Eligibility for Canada PR

To qualify to become a sponsor for the PGP, you must fulfill the following requirements:

  •         Complete a Sponsorship Interest Form on the website of IRCC in 2020
  •         Hold the status of Permanent Resident or Citizen in Canada or be enrolled through the Canadian Indian Act
  •         Have attained eighteen years of age or more
  •         Reside in Canada and you will have to offer evidence of your status while filing the Interest to Sponsor Form
  •         Surpass the MNI / Minimum Necessary Income Level for PGP and submit evidence for this to IRCC. The income of both the sponsor and spouse can be included in case the sponsor is married or in a common-law partnership.
  •         Provide signature on the undertaking to fiscally support the sponsored family members for twenty years beginning when they get the PR status in Canada. Make repayment of any social assistance benefits received by the sponsored members of the family for the period of 20 years.
  •         Extra undertaking has to be signed with the Quebec Province if you are residing in Quebec

(The proof of MNI accepted by IRCC is Notices of Assessment offered by the CRA – Canadian Revenue Agency)

PGP Sponsorship Application Process

The 6 major steps in the PGP sponsorship application are:

Step 1

File Interest to Sponsor Form. The IRCC memo reveals that the intake for 2024 will be increased to 32,000. The details for 2024 sponsorship applications including the intake period and manner of submission of applications are yet to be announced by IRCC on its website.

Step 2

IRCC offers prospective sponsors to file a complete sponsorship application in the same chronological order in which it received the online forms for Interest to Sponsor.

Step 3

Obtain the accurate application package. You will have to file 2 applications jointly within sixty days of receiving the sponsorship invitation from IRCC.

The two applications are:

  •         Your application to become a sponsor for PGP
  •         Your parents or grandparents application for Canada PR

The application forms and checklist are available on the IRCC website. But you must begin to complete the forms only after receiving the invitation as the forms and documents required can be revised by IRCC.

Step 4

Make payment of fees* to the Government of Canada that consists of:

  •         Fee for sponsorship – $75
  •         Processing fee for Primary applicant – $475
  •         Processing fee for the spouse of the Primary applicant – $500
  •         Fee for Right of Permanent Residence(per applicant) – $490
  •         Fee for Biometrics (per applicant) – $85

(* The fees specified here are subject to revision by IRCC)

Step 5

The PGP Sponsorship application has to be filed with IRCC within sixty days of receipt of an invitation to sponsor. The exact deadline will be specified by IRCC in the invitation itself.

Step 6

The family members you wish to sponsor such as the Father, Mother, Grandfather, or Grandmother will have to appear for medical exams. They have to offer Police Clearance Certificates and Biometrics when asked by IRCC while processing the application.

PGP Sponsorship Application Processing Time

The processing time for PGP sponsorship applications is 20 to 24 months. The processing time commences when a complete application is received by IRCC and concludes with its decision. In case of incomplete applications, it can take even more than 24 months.

Points to Note

The sponsorship opportunity is lost if the application is incomplete and it will be returned after 4 months. The same is true if the application is not filed within sixty days of receiving the invitation. The latest IRCC policy specifies that all applications for PR must now be submitted online and not on paper.

You will have to offer monetary support to the sponsored members of the family starting from the day they get the PR status. If your family members in Canada received any provincial social aid during this period it has to be repaid.

You and your family members who receive the sponsorship have to agree to abide by the commitments and obligations specified in the agreement for sponsorship. The clauses include the dependency of your sponsored family members on you for catering to their essential needs. It includes things such as housing, food, clothing, personal needs, utilities, and home supplies. Medical care not covered through Public Health Insurance like Dental care and Eye is also included.

You must also note that the sponsorship agreement remains effective and you are bound by its clauses to fulfill the essential needs of the sponsored individuals for the specified period irrespective of various circumstances. This implies the dissolution of marriage, divorce or separation, unemployment, family quarrels, fiscal changes, and demise of the primary applicant (if you have also offered sponsorship to their family members).

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