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A Brief Guide On Cleaning Of Travertine Tile Floor

Travertine is a type of natural stone floor. Moreover, it is also used as a building material because of its timeless features. The travertine tile floor is harder like a rock. It is also a great choice for kitchen floor tile. Thus, it is known as more porous. For this one reason, it has many insecurities related to cleaning and caring for travertine. Cleaning may include both regular and long-term. And some other helpful instructions and advice to follow while using travertine in your home. Here are some cleaning and caring tips to consider. Such as;

List Of Content:

  • Travertine Flooring Cleaning Timeframe
  • Materials Require For Cleaning
  • Equipment Needed
  • Methods To Clean
  • Place To Buy Affordable Travertine Tile Floor?
  • Conclusion

Travertine Flooring Cleaning Timeframe:

You must clean your travertine floor regularly with sweeping, mopping, and vacuuming. So, by regular means weekly, or whenever the surface is looking dirty. Moreover, sweeping and vacuuming the floor removes small particles. Which causes abrasive scares on the tile surface. 

  • Make sure to disinfect the floors during monthly cleaning.
  • Do clean the grout lines every few weeks
  • Seal down the surface of the travertine floor every 3-5 years 

Materials Require For Cleaning:

Following are some materials you always need for cleaning. Like;

  • 1 tablespoon of mild, non-acidic, and non-abrasive dishwasher liquid or soap
  • Warm water
  • A stone cleaner as an option
  • Baking soda

Equipment Needed:

  • Mop or sponge
  • Broom or Vacuum cleaner
  • Mop bucket
  • Small narrow scrub brush for removing grout
  • Towels

Methods To Clean:

Here are some easy DIY methods to clean and maintain the travertine floor. Thus, to keep it new, timeless, and grout-free.

Vacuuming The Travertine:

So firstly, sweep or vacuum the travertine tile floor. To remove the small first and grit particles. Thus, to keep your floor dirt and grout-free. Hence makes it a timeless beauty.

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Floor Mopping

Apply a small amount of warm water on the floor with a sponge or mop. So, the floor doesn’t get very wet.  Make sure to not saturate the travertine tiles with water. As travertine tiles can get damp when water penetrates down the sealant. This will lead to grout formation. Which causes discoloration, degradation, and mildew, and mold growth. If you did use this tile as kitchen floor tiles, you have to clean it on a regular basis. 

Disinfecting The Floor:

Now disinfect your whole floor. So, add a tablespoon of mild, non-acidic, and non-abrasive dishwashing liquid to a gallon of water. Now damp your mop in it. And mop the whole floor with it. Moreover, mop the floor twice. Then 2nd time with clean water to remove all the stubborn residues and stains. Lastly, the towel dries the whole surface to avoid grout.

Cleaning Of Grout Lines:

It is time for cleaning the grout on travertine floors. So, it seems tricky to wipe off. But you must not worry. Moreover, you must need an abrasive cleaning treatment to beat the grout. Thus, if the grout lines need to be clean. 

Then mix equal parts of baking soda and water to make a paste. Thus, apply this paste to the travertine floor. Make sure to gently scrub this paste onto the floor with a little brush. Thus, to avoid scratching or etching the tile edges. In addition, you can use any stone cleaner specifically for the travertine floor to beat grout

Maintaining Your Travertine Floor:

  • Always use mild and gentle cleaners on the travertine floor. So, always avoid using abrasive chemicals and cleaners. Never use acidic materials.
  • Travertine is basic so it gets a stain, discolor, and etch marks when it comes into acidic material.
  • The grout lines are the riskiest portion among tiles. Thus, water penetration, stains, discoloration, and dense dark growth of mildews and molds. 
  • Avoid using commercial grout cleaners. So, they contain bleaches that etch the travertine floor.
  • You can even simply remove and replace the dirty grout lines in case of dense mold and dirt. So, simply give your flooring an updated and modern outlook. It is less costly and easy to install.

Sealing Tips:

Travertine has mini pores on the surface so it gives a rustic look. Thus, it will soak up liquid, leading to stains, discoloration, material degradation, and mold growth. So, make sure to seal both during and after installation. And you can also periodically seal the tiles.

Place To Buy Affordable Travertine Tile Floor?

If you’re on a quest to buy an affordable travertine tile floor. The selection can be tricky. But you must not worry. So, there is one iconic avenue for tiles and arabescato venato marble. The most genuine and affordable floor material at Moreover, they are on a roll to provide the customer with the most genuine, trendy patterns, durable material, and budget-friendly floor tiles for you. 


So, winding up the whole article. Travertine tile floors not only look super gorgeous but are known as super tough and durable. Moreover, travertine is porous. And it is at risk to get discoloration, etch marks, and grout breakage. Thus, to avoid all the damage to tiles. You need to take proper care and maintenance of travertine floors. So, simply follow the above instructions to maintain your travertine floor. To keep them clean and timeless. Lastly, keep your floor well sealed to avoid any mold and scratch damage.


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