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Patio Tips: 7 Reasons Why A House-Attached Patio Roof Is A Great Idea

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A patio is one of the most stunning features you can have if your home is blessed with extra outdoor space. Here, you can set up an outdoor sofa set, host parties, dine al-fresco with your family, or simply do nothing but enjoy the fresh air and scenery. It’s also a great spot for showcasing your plant collection. 

Sitting by the patio is always a great idea…until the jarring glare of the afternoon sunlight hits your skin or pouring rain ruins your moment. These harsh weather conditions may also wreak havoc on your treasured furniture and plants. Sure, those Pinterest-worthy wooden pergolas might have the #aesthetic factor, but they may not be adequate if you’re looking for added protection. That being the case, you might want to level up with something bigger and better: a house-attached patio roof. 

When installed properly, a patio roof can enhance your home’s visual appeal and overall value. Before calling your local roofer, check out the 7 benefits of installing a house-attached patio roof. 

1. It looks and feels like an extension of your house


Compared to a stand-alone shelter, a house-attached patio takes advantage of the house’s structure. Aside from being a sturdier cover option, a patio roof can also serve as an extension of your home. It makes your home look bigger and more open since a patio roof can provide a seamless transition between the indoors and the outdoors.

You can work with companies that specialise in roof installation and roof repairs to match the design of your exteriors. This includes the colour, shape, and roofing materials used. Think about an overhead cover that balances well with your outdoor décour too.

Tip: If you have a one-storey house, it’s best to attach the patio roof ledger just below the house’s eaves. If you have a two-storey abode, you can tie the ledger into a band joist located between the floors.

2. A patio roof offers strong defence while providing open space


The primary purpose of a patio roof is to provide shade and shelter while offering the benefit of natural lighting and open space. A house-attached patio roof is merely an extended roof over your outdoor patio. It’s held up by posts, not walls. It’s also built with more solid materials, unlike patio awnings. 

Don’t want that “roof on top of your head” feel? Choose a solid Polycarbonate roof, a lightweight, thermoplastic material that can withstand extremely low and high temperatures. These translucent panels can block the sun’s harsh heat while retaining the natural light in a comfortable, diffused manner.


3. It protects furniture, plants, and other elements better 

Do you live in a city or country where it feels like summer all year long due to the harsh sunlight and weather? How about a place where it rains or snows most of the time? Regardless, you need a sturdy cover that’ll protect your patio furniture and plants from harsh weather conditions. And if you’ve built a wooden deck, a patio roof will help keep it from rotting. 


4. It’s possible to prevent splashes of rain without blocking airflow

It’s tricky to install something that protects your patio from the splash of rain while letting the air flow freely. However, there’s a hack for it. Place the patio sheeting over the top of the roof about 300 millimetres. This way, it can shield your patio from the rain without blocking the airflow.

5. A roof keeps your patio and the rest of your house extra cool

patio furniture

Patio roofs can keep you from sitting on a burning hot leather sofa during hot months. It’s your first line of defence against the sun’s harsh rays. As a result, it will cool not only your patio but your entire home as well. And you know what a cool home means: your AC will work less, thus lowering your electricity bills.

6. It gives you the ability to customise

A patio roof is more than just a simple overhead cover — it’s sturdy enough to be customisable. This means you can equip your patio with lights, fans, speakers, and other accessories, making it your favourite part of the house.

7. Lastly, it increases the value of your home

gathering in the patio

A patio roof can up the value of your home if you ever sell it or list it for rental. Beyond the monetary benefits, it boosts the overall experience of whoever resides in your home. Just think about being able to spend unlimited time outdoors and reaping the benefits of nature. 

Convinced? Call your local roofer and install a patio roof today!

Author Bio: Carmina Natividad is a blogger who once dreamed of becoming an interior designer. When she’s not browsing trendy home decor ideas and DIY home projects online, you can find her writing articles about home improvement and interior design. To know more about home improvement, you may visit All Round Roofing. 

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