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6 Benefits Of Book Boxes That May Attract Readers

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Books are important for those who want to explore stuff and gain knowledge. Reading a novel takes one out of this world. If you are in the business of selling books, you will want to attract the target audience. Book boxes are beneficial here if you design it in an alluring way. The boxes can stand out in front of the competition and draw shoppers towards them.

The following are 6 benefits of custom book packaging which can attract readers:

  1. Stand out in front of potential reader base

When you research who your consumer base is, you can design printed book boxes according to what they will be drawn towards. For this, you should do some research that figures out the age, gender, geographical location, shopping habits, of your readers. According to this, the packaging can then be designed.

It depends on who you are targeting but books are read by kids, teenagers, adults, retires of both genders. If your consumer base is kids, the custom boxes with the logo will be bright, colorful. They can have pictures of popular cartoon characters printed on them as well.

If your consumer base includes ladies, the packaging will be decent and sophisticated.

  1. Make packaging strong

You want to protect the books so that they arrive in excellent condition to consumers. For this, you need to carefully select the material of book packaging. It should make the books remain safe.

Some strong material options include cardboard, corrugated cardboard, Kraft. Your books will be kept secure in these. No consumer will want to receive a book that has its cover torn or pages missing. It will probably be returned and your business will get a loss.

Custom boxes with logos made from these materials are environmentally-friendly. They will not lie around polluting the environment as careless packaging does. The brand will be limiting its carbon footprint and helping shoppers do this as well. You will also get more consumers if you choose sustainable packaging.

  1. Right size and shape box

Printed book boxes that are of the right size can further enhance the safety of the book or books inside. Size is important because a large box can lead to the books moving around. They may get damaged in this way. If you get a really small box, it can break and so expose the books.

When the box is large you will also be wasting money on the packaging material that is not needed. The shipping expenses will be more as well.

The shape of custom book packaging matters as well. Your brand may be tempted to try out a unique shape so that it can stand out. This is fine if the shape can be easily stacked and will not harm the books in any way.

  1. Details on packaging

You want consumers to know about the book or books inside the box packaging. If they do not know what books are inside, they will open the packaging to check this out. It can get damaged in this way.

Know what to include on the box which will help readers know about the book. You may for instance state its title, a summary of the plot, name of the writer, the year it was published, etc.

If there is more than one book present in the printed book boxes, give details about all books present.

You can get a window box that allows people to see the books inside for themselves. This will make them more confident in wanting to get them as they will know exactly what is in the box without having to open it.

  1. Get your brand known

If you want your book business to be known you can get custom boxes with a logo. These will have a logo printed on them which makes it easy for readers to recognize which products are from your business.

You can also include the contact details of your business in case any reader wants to contact you. They may want to buy more books from you. Give the physical address, phone number, email address, social media links, website, of your brand. It will be easy for people to contact you when they have this information easily available.

You should try and increase brand awareness if you want your business to be seen as a professional one.

  1. Make product stand out

Custom book packaging designed right can make the books stand out in front of the competition. This is important if you want them to get noticed. To do this you should attractively design them.

Choose colors carefully to include on the box according to what your brand stands for. Color psychology should be looked at if you want to get an idea of what different colors signify. For example, if you want to give the image that your brand cares about the environment, choose Earth colors like brown and green.

You may want to include an image that is the same as the one of the book’s cover. This can also make the packaging look amazing and attractive. Some readers may keep the box and store other stuff in it if they are a fan of the reader and the book.

Book packaging can attract readers when you design it keeping these readers in mind. However, remember that the box should remain strong if you want to give a good impression to shoppers. This can be done when you choose good-quality material to make the boxes from. They can stay in one shape and not get harmed in any way. Design the packaging attractively but avoid including too many details as this can make it look untidy and stressful. Have a look at trends in the packaging of books if you want to see what the competition is doing and if you want to get ideas.

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