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5 Jewellery Designs to Go with your Daily wear Traditional Clothes

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Traditional clothes come in all shapes, colours, and scales of occasion. It is not possible to wear heavily embroidered silk dresses every day. If your office has a dress code of salwar kameez or Kurti, you might run out of ideas to style your outfits. Take a look at these suggestions to help you when you get stuck. You can decide the look you wish to go for and then choose your jewellery for the day accordingly. These styles of jewellery can be adopted to create stunning and distinguished looks.

  1. Dramatic style – Even if your clothes are simple, your accessories can turn up the style quotient. Oversized jewellery attracts the attention of the on-looker and diverts the gaze from the clothes. This kind of style looks best with silver jewellery or gemstone jewellery. Check out this website to purchase gemstone earrings. Oversized earrings, neckpieces, and bangles look beautiful when adorned together.
  2. Minimalistic style – Simple studs, a fine chain with a small pendant and a slim bracelet or a bangle look great together. They add a touch of glow to your look without taking away the attention from your clothes. This style is great for office goers as they relay a formal feel. Minimalistic style does not mean you cannot experiment with shapes and styles of jewellery. You can look at gold, silver, rose gold, platinum, precious gems and much more!
  3. Statement pieces – Statement pieces are generally those, which can be worn solo. You needn’t wear other matching jewellery with this. A geometric neckpiece or finger sleeves, wrist cuffs, ear cuffs, are examples of this type of jewellery. Check out this website to purchase gold earrings, rings, chains, etc. The impact of this one piece of jewellery is enough to define your entire outfit.
  4. Mix and match the jewellery – Mixing jewellery types can be fun and you can have endless combinations by experimenting. Mixing western jewellery with traditional outfits can be an interesting choice and you can end up with really fashionable looks. Simple tweaks here and there can transform the entire get-up and have a powerful impact. For example, if you are wearing traditional jewellery on a traditional outfit and you switch out the studs for hoops, you will be surprised by the difference.
  5. Motifs – Motifs form the base of some gorgeous jewellery. Motifs are the base for most traditional jewellery. The beauty of these motifs is in the intricate details. The details are what give jewellery its character. If you are not a fan of traditional designs, you can look for abstract interpretations of the jewellery. You will find a lot of motifs spun into modern designs to fit the needs of people today. These designs not only encompass the essence of jewellery but give it a twist that allows you to wear it every day.

Whether it is a dainty nose pin or a fashionable waist chain, every jewellery piece can look great when worn with confidence. Following and keeping up with trends is important but the best way to choose and wear jewellery is what makes you comfortable. Being fashionable is about making sure you choose what is best for you and what you wear is a reflection of your personality.

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