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10 Best Honeymoon Destination in Himachal Pradesh

Marriages are considered a sheer bond between two souls and the purest union of two souls on the earth. Honeymoon serves as nurturing water for the newlyweds. Himachal Pradesh is one of the finest places to celebrate love and union amidst the snow-clad mountains, lush green meadows, and a sheer vista of the state is something that takes you in awe. In the race for the best honeymoon destination in India, Himachal tops the list.

However, there are many places and spots that one can explore since we are all confined by time, perhaps we cannot visit every place. We have shortlisted the ten best places that you must consider on your trip to Himachal Pradesh. You may also plan your trip with our Himachal honeymoon package.




Landlocked with five majestic hills, Dalhousie is the “Mini Switzerland” of India. A perfect destination to explore the plunge pines and laze the lush green meadows together. View the beauty of scintillating mountains and appreciate the colonial architecture of the bygone era.

If you are someone heavily obsessed with history and art, Dalhousie is a place to be. You will witness plenty of museums and art galleries to spend time. Apart from that, arrange a romantic date for your better half at a restaurant by the hillside. Do not forget to visit Khajjiar lake, Bakrota hills, Dainkund peaks, and Kalatop. The tranquil ambience of the region is unmatched, so you’re assured of having a great time together.




Kasauli could be considered an ideal spot to escape after marriage; the enthralling ambience of the places is unmatched. The presence of being at Kasauli feels like laying on the lap of mother nature. With the trails and traces of British colonials, the beauty of Kasauli also exhibits spiritual and religious significance.

Kasauli is said to be the place where lord Hanumans from Ramayana brewed Sanjeevani Booti for brother Laxman. Aise from that, the place has a quaint aura that boosts serenity and peace to be. Panoramic vista of the place and a few famous spots are places to be in perfect honeymoon settings.




Nestled amidst the majestic hills, Dharamshala is a beautiful honeymoon destination in Himachal; people throughout the country visit these places to experience solitude and spend a good time together with their better half. If you plan to make it Dharamshala, you will be influenced by the mouth-watering cuisines and the tranquil setting. The place is also known for faith in God and spirituality, so if you think the ideas drive you, then do not forget to visit famous monasteries and explore Buddhism.





Enveloped in the heavy set of the fierce Himalayas and lush green pines, Mcleodganag is a place landlocked with Dharamshala. It is the diverse practice of Tibetan and Buddhism that sets it apart. However, from having sight of spiritual traces, you would also get to walk down the trail of adventure, go on a Triund trek and carve beautiful experiences together.

Seek blessing at guna Devi temple and conquer the sky through paragliding with the love of your life. Isn’t that how a place rich in spiritual and adventurous aspects looks like? If you feel like it’s your taste, what are you waiting for? Get your trip planned with us!




Coming from a country like India, where we all are tied with a knot of spirituality and live centres around faith in God, what could be more beautiful than starting a new life and celebrating love at places that are an abode for 81 temples. At 70km from mainland Kullu, the place serves a wide splendour valley and verdant woodlands.

It is encircled by snow-clad mountains, especially during winters. Spirituality and wisdom are not solely offered in mandi. The place is loaded with thrilling excursions and treks. And a couple of beautiful lakes to sit and have one deep conversion about life. Hence serves all the purpose of celebrating love together.



Tirthan valley


Tirthan valley is a quaint place with an extremely serene setting in Himachal Pradesh. Going for a honeymoon at Tirthan could be an off-beat experience, seclusion from the routine life and mundanity. It is an ideal spot to be after a wedding. These picturesque places had more tranquillity than thill.

You can still indulge in activities like fishing, sightseeing, discovering the underlying beauty of villages and local people. Tirthan has secured special places in the list of UNESCO world heritage sites for its wildlife. Hence you can explore different species of flora and fauna too. The appealing emerald ambience of the place is centred around nature and birds.


Spiti valley


Spiti valley is a bank near a sporty river, and it is located in the district Lauhul of Himachal Pradesh. The exquisite ambience of the Spiti is usually cold and barren. It is the serenity and solitude that drive honeymoons across India. The panoramic vista of the place is a delight to your eyes. During your honeymoon at Spiti, you will earn a lot of quiet spaces and solitude to learn from each other in a better way.




Settled in the lap of Himachal, Shimla is a picture-perfect state that usually lives one in a state of awe. The cluster of extensive hills and snow on top of them, the verdant forest. It is a popular destination for honeymoons among people.

Apart from the pleasant weather and romantic ambience, the place has enchanting buildings and monuments that feature Victorian art and culture. Shimla has plenty of valleys to explore. You may go trekking with your spouse over hills and after an exhaustive yet exciting day, please your taste buds with the unique cuisines of Shimla.




A significant aspect of a happy married life is knowing little things about each other; learning comes with spending time, be it the subject or people you want to know better. Chail, a place close to Shimla, features a quiet setting, encircled with pines, oak trees, untrodden paths, and a lot of greenery. All this is one of the reasons why it is known as the lovers’ hill. Camp in the wilderness, have dinner below the stars, gaze at the moon, and spend a good time together.




Kinnaur is popular for the extensive chain of mountains and the abode of lord shiva. The enchanting beauty of Kinnaur is measured through hills and virgin valleys. The place is a living example of how dead and raw elements of nature could appear beautiful too. It drives honeymooners to adore the scenic vista and sky-touching peaks. It is over the ambience and cold breeze where the word romance is scribbled.






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